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General Information

Name of : Florida Soccer League
Location: AnyPlace, Fl, Florida
Country: United States
Founded: May 3, 1982
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League History

Just some General information on the League and history

League Management Directory

Board of Directors
Chairman: Don Plantation
Vice Chairman: Mary Soccer
Director: Tom House
Director: David Peal

President: Joe Soccer
Vice-President: Sam Soccer
Secretary: Don Soccer
Coach / Traniner Manager : Fred Coach
League Admin: Larry Administor
Head Referee Admin : Dave HeadRefereeAdministor
Medical Doctors: Dr. William Medical
Medical Advisor:
PR Manager :
Tournament Manager:
League Manager: Joe A. Soccer

Affilatied Leagues and Assocations

North American Soccer Association

League Schedule

League Tournament Schedule

League News

Just some recent news about the league


Just some recent events and tournaments

League Manager's Views and Comments

General comments from the League officals

League Club Roster

Sarasota Football Club
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