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  • This website provides a secure record keeping service for all types of businesses.
  • Any business with the need to store data online with instant access for multiple users at any time is welcome to register with
    our services.
  • Each registered user of the system will be given a secure login account and password.
  • Data can be stored by a qualified person in a data format designed specifically for a particular sport or association.
  • Data can be used to produce various types of reports.
  • ScoringSystem, Inc's worldwide recordkeeping system maintains a complete history for all sport participants and organizations.

About ScoringSoccer.com

ScoringSoccer.com is a unique, "tailor-made" website with secure global access to player, team and scout records.

The system was developed by soccer players, team managers, professional scouts, high-level database engineers and internet designers. The goal is to allow players, teams and scouts to securely create and maintain specific data accessible on the internet.

ScoringSoccer offers unrivalled features for Players, Teams, Scouts, Clubs, and Associations. Each area of every Subscription Level
was designed and "tailor-made" to offer the best possible service and features at the best possible price.

The system is available to anyone who has a desire to display their talent, maintain a better team or organization, or scout for better players.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative and responsible solutions to players, teams, clubs, associations and scouts by:

  • Maintaining high professional standards with the objective of consistently achieving excellence for our clients.
  • Meeting client needs with innovative and creative solutions.
  • Striving to recruit and retain the best and brightest, who know and practice the value of hard work and possess a strong sense
    of character and a commitment to teamwork and excellence.
  • Fostering enthusiasm and cooperation between our employees and clients.
  • Maintaining respect for our employees and clients as individuals.

Who are the Team Members at ScoringSystem, Inc?

There are a number of people who make ScoringSystem, Inc. possible. Among the principals, our staff members and the members of our worldwide sales organization, related and dedicated to Soccer, are the connection between our valued customers and us.

ScoringSoccer, the place where SOCCER TALENT is found!

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