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Name of : Sarasota Football Club
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Country: United States
Founded: April 9, 1971
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Club History

In 1971, this club started with just one team and only a few members. 32 years later, we have six teams, over 600 members, a ten member executive board, six State Cups, three League Cups, and numerous Divisional Cups. This is an accomplishment that deserves a standing ovation! We have three fields and its all lighted and a club house and meeting room ,also two big screem tv's with Soccer games from around the world an a full bar for after game refreshments.
As we look toward the future of SFC, we will continue to work towards increasing our 16 and older memberships, as well as promoting the wonderful sport of soccer in our community for years to come. We will play and exchange games with other leagues around the country.You can contact us at * or phone us at 941-378-1400 at club house.

Club Management Directory

President: Hans Rode
Vice-President: Miles Elginer 1st VP Siegle Wohlgemuth
Secretary: Derek Sutherly corr/sec Judy Witchey
Treasurer: Dave Rhodes parliamentarian / Mike Rode
Head Coach: Kenny Baumann /mebship/ discip Geoff Womelddorph
Assistant Coach:
Goalkeeper Coach:
Medical Doctors:
Team Manager: Terry Landis


FSSL - Florida Suncoast Soccer League

FSSA - Florida State Soccer Association

Club Schedule

7on 7 tournament Tuesday Evening

All games played at our Fruitville facilities.TRYOUT practice's on thur. evenings has started.
Our location is in Sarasota at the corner of Richardson Rd. and Honore Ave. between Fruitville rd.(exit 210 on I -75) and 10th Ave.

Club News

OPEN TRYOUTS---------------Mens Soccer team------Suncoast Soccer League
The Sarasota Football Club has 6 teams competing throughout this season.
We have 1 Premier Team, Two - Division 1 Teams, Two - Division 2 Teams, and
1 Division 3 Teams.
Give us a call if you are interested in other tryouts.
If you win a position it would be on one of the above teams.

This year we have been using a new membership card with player's picture and personal data, supplied by ScoringSystem Inc. running off of their web based databank that builds player ID cards on the fly even with barcodes and logos of our club and club sponsors. We have been using them for games and clubhouse entry.The ID card also show's when the player can't enter a game because of a red card. Works good for player ID when traveling for road games.


Sarasota Soccer Boosters --
As a Booster you will constantly be working to promote soccer on all levels throughout the Sarasota area. Boosters help the club sell ads, promote soccer in the high schools and start youth teams.The Soccer season is here in Florida this fall.
Please stay off of the main field as the grass needs to grow for every game.

Club Coach's Corner

I would like the opportunity to thank all the members, teams and the surrounding communities for their support and making soccer a sport that continues to grow each year at the Sarasota Football Club. As always we are looking for other older clubs and teams that are interested in playing our teams during the winter and spring season.Come out on Thur. nights at 7:00 pm and brush up on your soccer .
For tryouts contact Mike Rode at 941-284-9561
and Ralph Baranski at 941-726-2161 for more information.

Club Team Roster

Deportivo Peru - Sarasota - Florida Strikers
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