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General Information

Name of Team: Strikers
Location: Sarasota and Ocala, Florida
Country: United States
Founded: January 1, 2004
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Team History

The STRIKERS start was interesting, how do you find 17 players that are Spanish speaking and English speaking in a couple of weeks.The reason was that Scoringsoccer .com wanted a traveling ambassador group to show the soccer world how a database would work on and off the field. It wasn't easy and then the team needed a coach, one that could make winner 's out of regular players. Coach Lillo was found, he had the expertise as a proffessional player and loves training kids, you can see his resume below. The players on the team Strikers come from everywhere, from North and South America. This team is U17 and mens open, they carry their own Soccer ID cards from Scoringsystem, you can see these cards at:, the referees really like them for games.

Team Management Directory

President: William Kanitz
Vice-President: Brunhilde Merker
Head Coach: Mario Lillo
Assistant Coach:
Goalkeeper Coach:
Medical Doctors:
Team Manager: Luis Hernando Garces Bohmer


The "Strikers" belong to the Florida State Soccer Association
Scoringsoccer .com teams section now has the National womens team from Panama, the National Adult Mens team from Ecuador and the National Adult Mens team from Chile.

Team Schedule

Next tournament: Florida Sunshine State Games in Tallahassee, FL.
June 19 against Clearwater International at 10:00a.m. and against the Gainesville Immortals at 4:00 p.m.
June 20 against the Gainesville Gangsters at 10:00 a.m
We will play other teams anywhere if they have a field. Call us a see if we can at 1352-347-4385 or 563-582-4230 for the coach.We are looking to playing at Disney at the end of June.Our next Game will be a rematch against Ocala Honduras National Team at the Original Ocala Complex on Sat. May the 29 04 at 7:30 pm.

Team News

We played a hard game on Sunday 16 of May at SFC club fields at Sarasota Florida.The Peruivan team Aliaza Lima was tough .The game was tied for the first half 0-0. The second half was a repeat of the first.It ended in overtime 1-0 with Peru winning.
Well we are playing quite good now,as of Friday May 21 04 we played the Daytona Community College and WON 9-3 .The scoring came in fist fulls as we didn't miss a chance to score.Daytona was a lot older ,but our goalie's made some great Strikers won their match on May the 29,3:1 against the Ocala Honduras National Team. Were rolling now.
The Strikers obtained first place in the 25th Florida Sunshine State Games men's open soccer competition. The games where held in Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida, the weekend of June 18th through the 20th.

The Strikers won all of their three games and remained undefeated, beating the Clearwater Internationals 8 : 2; the Gainesville Immortal's 3 : 2 and the Gainesville Gangsters 3 : 2 in the final championship game that ran into over time.

The winning goal that gave the "Strikers" the title of Florida Sunshine State Game Men's open Soccer champions was scored by Eduardo Manuel Lopéz during the championship game in sudden death overtime.


We will be entering tournements this Summer or we can play your team.We will be entering as many as possible even overseas if possible.Our players an our goalie's will give anyone a good game.We are playing some small colleges with success and have brought in some more players.Our team will enter into the Daytona Beach Soccer tournament,see you there.Also we will be in the FLORIDA State capital for a mens SOCCER STATEWIDE TOURNMENT in the middle of the month of June 04.

Coach's Corner

Coach Mario Lillo, a native of Chile, was born in Santiago in 1960. Began playing soccer at the age seven for the Goodyear Soccer School in Santiago. At age eleven he was called into Colo Colos minor division Soccer Club. From there, at age fourteen he transcended into the University of Chiles Soccer Club were he was given a chance to play professionally at age sixteen. At age seventeen his family moved to the United States of America settling in New York, where he gained the respect of his teammates and rivals and was named the best High School soccer player in the state of New York.

He participated in the Empire State Games, preliminaries to go to the Olympics, playing for the New York Eagles professional Soccer Team. In 1985 he went back to Chile and played professionally for the Union Española Soccer Club in Santiago, but unfortunately he suffered a car accident that temporarily ended his career.

Coach Lillo made a come back in 1995 as a professional player for the Puerto Viejo Soccer Club of Ecuador. During this time he met and became one of Carlos Luis Morales closest friends. Carlos Luis Morales is considered the best golly Ecuador has ever had.

Today, Coach Mario Lillo spends most of his time doing what he loves the most, training youths in the game of soccer. His academy is located just north of Sarasota in a community called Marion Oaks, right outside of Ocala.

Coach Lillo was recently honored with an award for Best Coach of the Year in the state of Florida, distinction given to him by the Ocala Honors Association. Coach Lillo will continue coaching and training the Strikers soccer team. He promises to get the word out to all the Tournaments he participates in of the enormous tool has been for him and his team.

Team Roster

The following players are currently on this team's roster.

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