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Personal Information

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Name: Soccer Play
Hometown: San Paulo
Home State / Province: San Paulo
Home Country: Brazil
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Marital Status: Married
Children: 0
Height: 1.80m/5 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 100 kgs/221 lbs
Kicks: Right

General Soccer Information

Team Affiliations
 Team Name  Current
  Date Joined     Date Left   Contract Contract

Santos   12 23 Feb '06 21 Jun '08 x 23 Jul '08

Primary Position: Halfback
Previous Position 1: Fullback
Previous Position 2:
Previous Club/School/Team 1:
Previous Club/School/Team 2:
Previous Club/School/Team 3:
Served as Team Captain: Yes
Played National Championships: Yes
Played International Championships: Yes
Played Other Championships: Yes
Years Playing: 13
Lifetime Awards: 12

  This Season Lifetime
Total Goals Scored:
Game Winning Goals:

Game Information

Games Started:  
Games Played > 80% Of Full Time:  
Periods Played This Season:  
  This Season Lifetime
Games Played

Current Season Scoring Information

Goals This Team:      
Goals Attempted One-On-One:   Goals Attempted One-On-Two:
Goals Scored One-On-One:   Goals Scored One-On-Two:
Shots On Goal:   Shots On Goal Area:
Goals Out of Position:      
Penalty Kicks:   Penalty Kick Goals:
Penalty Kicks Conversion Ratio:      
Direct Kicks:   Direct Kick Goals:
Direct Kicks Conversion Ratio:      
Indirect Kicks:   Indirect Kick Goals:
Indirects Kicks Conversion Ratio:      
Corner Kicks:   Corner Kick Goals:
Corner Kicks Conversion Ratio:      


Saves From Goal Line (This Season):  
  This Season Lifetime


  This Season Lifetime
Red Cards:
Sent Off Or Expelled:
After 2 Yellow Cards:
Yellow Cards:
Games Locked Out:

Player Self Report Statistics

Best Position:  

1 - Needs Improvement 2 - Below Average 3 - Average 4 - Above Average 5 - Excellent
Stamina: Coordination:
Running Speed: Jumping Force:
Speed Stamina:    
Ball Control: Passing:
Shot On Goal: Dribbling:
Head Ball: Flanking:
Shot Technique:    
One-On-One Offense: Game Awareness:
One-On-One Defense: Open Field Movement:
Switch Offense to Defense: Teamwork Passing:
Switch Defense to Offense: Shot Aggressiveness:
Release: Ball Securing:
Kick Off: Control:
Drop Kick:    
Overview: Spontaneity:
Temper: Personality / Leadership:
Team Spirit: Perseverance:
Willpower: Cleverness:

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