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Personal Coach / Trainer Information

Name: Bill Westwood
Hometown: London
Home State / Province: 00
Home Country: United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Marital Status: Married
Children: 0
Height: 1.82m/5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 80 kgs/176 lbs
Kicks: Both
Languages: English, Spanish

General Soccer Coach / Trainer Information

Primary Position: Forward
Previous Position 1: Midfielder
Previous Position 2: Midfielder
Previous Club/School/Team 1: Fulham F.C. Academy, London
Previous Club/School/Team 2: US Army Soccer Coach, Vilseck, Germany
Previous Club/School/Team 3: German High School, interlinking with HSV, Weder Bremen Academies
Served as Team Captain: Yes
Played National Championships: Yes
Played International Championships: Yes
Played Other Championships: Yes
Years Playing: 35
Lifetime Awards: 27

  This Season Lifetime
Total Goals Scored: 402
Game Winning Goals: 76

Professional Experience

Academic Information
Graduation (Name of School)
Field of Study
University / College (name)

Professional Career
Assitant Coach (Midfielder / Forward): German High School, interlinking with HSV, Weder Bremen Academies
Coach: US Army Soccer Coach, Vilseck, Germany
Type of Soccer Coached: Standard Soccer
Coached National Championships Team: No
Coached International Team: Yes
Coached Youth League: Yes
Years Coaching: 20
Lifetime Coaching Awards:
Current Coaching License: Yes
Current Coaching License Year: 2003
Current Coaching License Type:
Current Coaching License Date: 4/21/2004
Foreign Experience: Yes / Spain
Foreign Experience: Semi Pro U-23
Coach Bill Westwood, a native of London, England is looking for a Coaching Job in the USA.
I began playing Soccer at the age of four, at the age of eight I was given a trial by Chelsea F.C. with Colin Hutchinson, I then graduated to the Academy, unfortunately at such an early age I had a calf muscle tear and was out of action for six months, I then went bach to College to study, went coaching with the F.A. at the age of seventeen I joined the British Army as a Physical Training Instructor, first I joined the Infantry, then went onto the Intelligence and finished my fifteen year Army Carrier at Hereford England, near the end of my carier I suffered a major setback, I was blown up with a claymore mine in Northern-Ireland, (no external damage) I was lucky that I was thrown about twenty meters through the air, I was then taken to the British Military Hospital in Woolwich, London where I stayed for six months, I was always told that I would never walk again but, I never lost the desire to carry on and asked to be moved to Chessington Rehabilitation Centre, where I learned to walk and run again, I built my body up to eighty five Kilo's and went straight back into coaching where I received all my qualifications, I then was offered the job of Head Coach/Sports Coach at a prestigious HIgh School in Germany. After the first season I contacted then Kevin Keegan to ask if it would be possible to interlink with the HSV Academy, the answer was "YES" the High School has never looked back, the word spread through Germany that this was the School to join, I then left and went south to Vilseck where the American Armed Forces were based, there I was not only the Soccer Coach but, also the Basketball Coach, I received my American Licence in Heidelberg, signed by Steve Sampson, US World Cup Coach, as you can now see Sport is my whole life.
Hopefully, my years of solid performance in the area of Coaching, Education, player development, and Team Leadership will be of service to your institution.

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